Крафтовые полы из натурального дерева

Why floor coverings UNDERWOOD?

American two-layer engineering board
Unique decors
Any size and selection
Unique processing
Simple and Affordable

American two-layer engineering board

A two-layer engineering board based on moisture-resistant plywood 12mm thick (there are also modifications with a thickness of 18mm). Absolutely stable construction. The use of plywood as a base for an engineering board allows you to increase the thickness of the valuable layer up to 3mm. In some cases, depending on the processing, and up to 6mm (meaning the type of processing “Tes” and “Saw”). As a result, you get the most stable and durable flooring.

Unique decors

All UNDERWOOD decors are unique. You are guaranteed to receive an exclusive floor covering. When developing decors for UNDERWOOD engineering boards, all factors affecting the aesthetic component were taken into account - the degree of gloss, color depth, the influence and angle of incidence of light, both natural sunlight and cold and warm lighting. Some decors have a visual
chameleon effect.

Any size and selection

All UNDERWOOD decors can be made in three selections - Mount, Hill and Plain, and also Cliff in the execution of a massive board. Selections of the valuable layer are distinguished by the presence and number of knots and the structure of annual rings. Breed of a tree of floor coverings UNDEROOD - an oak. A wide choice of board widths provides a huge choice to the buyer. We provide a choice of widths from 100 to 185mm.


Обработка всех декоров UNDERWOOD производится на самом частном оборудовании с ручной доводкой после каждого процесса. Такой подход позволяет достичь высшего качества красоты и уникальности декора инженерной доски. Когда мы говорим о ручной обработке, мы имеем в виду только обработку поверхности и нанесение покрытия с максимальной активностью мастера. Проще говоря - это не массовое производство по шаблону, а практически индивидуальный подход. При этом обработка производится на высокоточном оборудовании с применением цифровых технологий.

Unique processing

Surface treatment of the UNDERWOOD engineering board includes various methods and techniques. Our collections contain decors with both classic and radically daring surface finishes. The classic type includes even polishing, brushing, patina of different shades. The radical includes such bold decisions as tes, saw and aging. This type of processing is much more difficult, but you can appreciate that it is worth it. The engineering board is covered with high quality oil, varnish and enamel
Italian production. Durability of a floor covering is guaranteed!

Simple and Affordable

When choosing an engineering board UNDERWOOD, you will be provided with detailed advice. Thanks to a wide range of engineered board sizes and the ability to produce any decor in three selections - Mount, Hill and Plain, and massive boards also in the Cliff selection, you have a unique opportunity to purchase any decor you like at a bargain price. All it takes is your compromise on width and selection. At the same time, we would like to note that due to the unique processing and surface coating, in most cases, selection does not play such a big role, and you can get what you need in any selection!

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Floor coverings made of natural wood UNDERWOOD is a combination of beauty, style and quality.

UNDERWOOD solid board is made from oak, and oak is the most durable and durable type of wood.


Engineering Board or American Two-Ply has a valuable 4mm oak ply on high-strength plywood, making it an incredibly stable construction.

Wolverine is a kind of two-tone decor, made in the form of waves of red and brown colors. One of the unique decors in processing.

The Wolverine by UNDERWOOD uses a hemp finish. This is one of the most difficult treatments for natural wood flooring. The contrast and width of the "waves" will give your interior an unforgettable expressiveness. The structure of the surface gives the impression of a hand-crafted floor.

Please note that unlike most UNDERWOOD decors, Wolverine looks most impressive on a wide board. We recommend engineered and solid board widths less than 120mm.

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Frequently asked Questions

What are the benefits of an engineering board?

Engineering board or American two-layer board is the most stable flooring.

Due to the simplicity of the design, compared to the same parquet board, the degree of stress between the base and the valuable layer is reduced.

The UNDERWOOD engineering board uses moisture-resistant 11mm plywood as the base, which in itself is the most stable material.

How is the production of UNDERWOOD

The production of solid oak and American two-layer boards is carried out on high-tech production machines. Thanks to this, high accuracy of all parameters is achieved and tolerances are minimized.

The process of processing the coating of a valuable layer begins with fine-tuning each board to an absolute standard. Further, after passing through each stage of processing on the machine, the craftsmen bring each product to perfection, preparing it for the next stage.

As a result, the painting process is carried out on a perfectly processed valuable layer. In this way, the high quality of UNDERWOOD flooring is achieved.

How to protect the floor and prevent damage?

UNDERWOOD floor coverings are natural wood coverings. In this regard, there are basic rules for protecting the floor during its operation.

  • Do not install in wet areas
  • It is recommended to use protective mats in places of the most frequent mechanical impacts.
  • It is strongly discouraged to avoid walking in high heels, especially with metal heels.
  • Furniture is recommended to be equipped with felt (or other softening material) pads at the base
  • Avoid floor flooding
  • Use special floor care products
How long is UNDERWOOD produced

Solid oak and American double-layer boards of all sizes are always available as raw material. All you have to do is select the board size and selection.

After the order, we proceed to the processing of a specific decor. Then comes the painting of the processed products. After painting, the process of drying and maintaining the time of final hardening of the coating takes place.

The whole process takes 14 to 25 days depending on the coating materials.

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Yes, it happens, like any high-quality and sought-after elite product, ours is the object of unfair competition.