Крафтовые полы из натурального дерева
Floor coverings UNDERWOOD Redskin Collection collection

Redskin Collection

The Redskin collection from UNDERWOOD is a magnificent decor that combines character, beauty and incredible craftsmanship. Engineered board has maximum stability, is easy to install and has a thickness of 15mm. A massive board with a thickness of 20 mm is made on high-precision equipment, undergoes additional processing and goes through several stages of drying.

Redskin Collection Specifications

Инженерка-шип-паз.png American two-layer board, tenon-groove connection Инженерка-замковая.png American two-layer board, lock connection Инженерка-HDF--замковая.jpg European HDF three-layer board, lock connectionе Массив-шип-паз.png Solid board tenon-groove connection
Selection-SELECT Processing-PROCESS Coating-COATING Thickness-THICK Width-WIDTH Length-LENGHT Wood species-SPECIES Connection-CASTLES

American two-layer board UNDERWOOD

Hill, Mount, Plain Polishing, Brushing, Patina, Saw, Trim, Aging Enamel, Oil, Varnish 15mm 110, 130, 150, 175, 185mm 400-2400mm Oak Thorn-groove, Lock

Solid wood UNDERWOOD

Plain, Mount, Hill, Cliff Polishing, Brushing, Patina, Saw, Trim, Aging Enamel, Oil, Varnish 20mm 130, 110, 120, 150mm 400-2000mm Oak Thorn-groove