Крафтовые полы из натурального дерева

Engineering board and Solid wood UNDERWOOD Wolverine - UR-L/BH-43

Engineer in kind Solid in kind

Decor Options Wolverine

Width 110, 130, 150, 175, 185mm
Width (solid wood) 110, 120, 130, 150mm
Length 400-2400mm
Length (solid wood) 400-2000mm
Processing Brushing, Plank
Coating Varnish
Wood species Oak
Chamfer V4
Quantity stripes Однополосная
Selection options (for engineering board) Hill, Mount, Plain
Selection options (for massive board) Cliff, Hill, Mount, Plain
Redskin Collection
Vendor code: UR-L/BH-43
Default Width: 150mm
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UNDERWOOD floor coverings are produced within 20-30 days depending on the decor and production volume. Before production starts, a sample is made for approval.

Floor coverings made of natural wood UNDERWOOD is a combination of beauty, style and quality.

UNDERWOOD solid board is made from oak, and oak is the most durable and durable type of wood.


Engineering Board or American Two-Ply has a valuable 4mm oak ply on high-strength plywood, making it an incredibly stable construction.

Wolverine is a kind of two-tone decor, made in the form of waves of red and brown colors. One of the unique decors in processing.

The Wolverine by UNDERWOOD uses a hemp finish. This is one of the most difficult treatments for natural wood flooring. The contrast and width of the "waves" will give your interior an unforgettable expressiveness. The structure of the surface gives the impression of a hand-crafted floor.

Please note that unlike most UNDERWOOD decors, Wolverine looks most impressive on a wide board. We recommend engineered and solid board widths less than 120mm.

UNDERWOOD flooring specification

Инженерка-шип-паз.jpg American two-layer board, tenon-groove connection Инженерка-замковая.jpg American two-layer board, lock connection
Инженерка-HDF--замковая.jpg European HDF three-layer board, lock connectionе Массив-шип-паз.jpg Solid board tenon-groove connection

Nominal parameters of floor coverings

Indicators name Nominal dimensions Permissible variation
Width W, mm ±0.3
Thickness H, mm ±0.2
Valuable layer thickness h, mm ±0.2
Length L, mm ±1.0
Type of flooring Connection type
American two-layer board (engineering board) Longitudinal
End connection
Tenon-groove, Lock
Tenon-groove, Lock
European HDF three-layer board (engineering board on HDF) Longitudinal
End connection
Solid board Longitudinal
End connection

Limit deviations from nominal parameters

Indicators name Permissible variation
Thickness deviation ±0.2 mm
Width deviation ±0.3 mm
Length deviation ±0.5 mm
Perpendicularity of adjacent edges ±0.2% of width W
Transverse curvature (concavity, convexity) ±0.2% of width W
Longitudinal curvature (concavity, convexity) ±1.0% of length L
Longitudinal curvature along the edge ±1.0% of length L
The difference between adjacent boards no more than 0.2 mm
Average value of valuable layer thickness ± 0.2 mm
Humidity solid board 8 ± 2%
Redskin Collection