Крафтовые полы из натурального дерева
Floor coverings UNDERWOOD Texas Collection collection

Texas Collection

Texas is one of the most distinctive flooring collections from UNDERWOOD. The American two-layer board in this collection has a lock joint in the original. This type of flooring is also called "Castle engineering board". All decors in this collection have classic colors, but we tried to bring in shades of tough Texas character.

Texas Collection Specifications

Инженерка-шип-паз.png American two-layer board, tenon-groove connection Инженерка-замковая.png American two-layer board, lock connection Инженерка-HDF--замковая.jpg European HDF three-layer board, lock connectionе Массив-шип-паз.png Solid board tenon-groove connection
Selection-SELECT Processing-PROCESS Coating-COATING Thickness-THICK Width-WIDTH Length-LENGHT Wood species-SPECIES Connection-CASTLES

American two-layer board UNDERWOOD

Hill, Mount, Plain Polishing, Brushing, Patina Oil, Varnish 15mm 110, 130, 150, 175, 185mm 400-2400mm Oak Thorn-groove, Lock

Solid wood UNDERWOOD

Plain, Mount, Hill, Cliff Polishing, Brushing, Patina Oil, Varnish 20mm 130, 110, 120, 150mm 400-2000mm Oak Thorn-groove